Sunday, April 2, 2017


Many thanks to the parents that came and shared how they use math in their everyday careers and lives!  Students really enjoyed the presentations, and it made a great impression on them.  We were all amazed at all the different facets of math we heard about.  It was also interesting to see all the careers that use the metric system as opposed to the U.S. Customary system.  Here are our notes with vocabulary and things we learned about and some photos:

*pulse, blood pressure,  calculating pounds to kilograms; (decimals, metric system, jules)

*measuring voltage; ordering concrete; calculating your pay; ambient temperature; odometer; speedometer in cars

*goniometer to measure angles (measuring joints); degrees; circumference

*# stands for pounds; percentages; estimation; labeling--using the correct label; decimals; converting U.S. customary to metric

*spectrometer; vial; beaker; dropper; metric system; Learned about uranium; measuring volume;

*volume; elapsed time; 55 gallon drums;

*graphs, surveys, collecting data and graphing it; budget and grants

*measuring fire - chains - one chain = 66 feet

*micrometer; tape measure; laser measurer; angle
Life math skills (practical):  figuring a tip; sales tax; measuring capacity; percentages; figuring cost and mpg for car; figure for a home improvement project like tile;

*accounting; tax returns; manages money; reconciling bank statements

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