Thursday, February 23, 2017

President's Day in 4th Grade

I shared a great story for President's Day with my fourth graders:  What George Washington Eats for Breakfast!  This fictional heart-warming story is about a boy named George Washington Allen who shares a birthday with our first president.  He loves to find out everything he can about George Washington.  The library is his greatest resource.  He is on a mission to find out what George ate for breakfast and has convinced his grandmother to cook it for him when he finds out.  After much research, George finds out that our first president ate Indian Hoe Cakes which are cornmeal pancakes originally cooked over a fire on a hoe.  We enjoyed our own hoecakes on the Tuesday after President's Day!  Most everyone thought they were great, but may have preferred "cherry pie!"

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Students enjoyed tasting the different kinds of rocks this past week.  The photos shown are of our rolling, bubbling magma that cooled into glass candy (like obsidian) and our marble-like metamorphic rock.