Thursday, March 31, 2016


Here are my 4th grade students investigating the properties of matter--candy matter!  Students found the properties of four kinds of candy and recorded them on a chart - mass, size, color, texture, luster, transparency, flexibility, shape, and taste!  Next week, we will learn more about volume and measuring liquid matter!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Lauren's mom sharing about how she used math everyday as a medical doctor.

We have had three parents volunteer to share for our project "Math March Madness" to tell us how they use math in their careers and everyday life.  Zoey's dad shared the message that math is important in your life every day no matter what you do.  Lauren's mom gave us examples of how she has to convert from the US Customary System to the Metric System to prescribe medicine.  She showed us many different math skills that she uses daily from geometry in describing the angle of a broken bone to figuring out formulas to tell if newborns have lost just the right amount of weight in the few days following their birth!  Maci's dad is coming next week.  We are starting to have a new understanding of why we have to math!!